"I must create a system or be enslaved by another mans; I will not reason and compare:

my business is to create." - William Blake


Once you know the myths you've been living by, you can choose to keep or alter them, celebrate or uproot them. The myths that shape you can be shaped by you. Making your myths conscious, you can begin "conscious myth-making." 

Perhaps there are more genuinely meaningful and edifying experiences you have had that are more worth centering your life on. Perhaps the sacred images and symbols you have been engaging do not adequately express your own sense of the sacred. Perhaps your intuitive understanding of God and the cosmos is not anything like what you have inherited through tradition and unconsciously perpetuated in learned behavior. 

Here you are encouraged to embrace your imaginative capabilities to render new forms, new symbols, new myths possible. Freed from the baggage of history, the expectation of tradition, the dogma of organized religions and the coercion of culture, you can give expression to what you personally envision and to the forms and symbols that speak from and to your heart.

Consciously craft your own personal mythology. Become an artist of your aspirations. Write, paint, draw, compose--render your meaning-full narratives to fill your life with their inspiration. Nurture your spiritual creativity, and be an ally in the fecund manifestation of Spirit. 

Guide-Posts: Creative Mythology

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Intro to Creative Mythology

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Joseph Campbell

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Conscious Myth-Making

Stephen Larsen offers a brief survey of creative mythology, ranging from shamanism to Gnosticism, alchemy to psychology. He then concludes by assessing the benefits of "conscious myth-making" in today's world.


Stephen Larsen

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Dancing for the Crows

Developing a personal myth means going out on a limb. Meaning-making involves risk-taking, and here play is very serious. D. Stephenson Bond offers some fantastic insights into what it means to forge your own path. The world is waiting for your brick in the cathedral.

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D. Stephenson Bond

Profiles in Creative Mythology

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Guide-Posts: Spiritual Creativity

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A Religion of One's Own

Thomas Moore invites you to engage all the religious traditions of the world for the riches they have to offer, drawing from them what speaks to your own spiritual sensibility and leaving what does not. Build your own canon of sacred texts. Carve out a personal religion unique to your life and experience.

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Thomas Moore

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Create Your Own Religion

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Daniele Boelli

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Visionary Art

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Alex Grey