Welcome to PersonalMythology.org, a site that helps you uncover the fundamental (but often unexplored) myths and narratives that have been directing your life, then offers tools and resources for you to begin intentionally shaping them yourselfcreating meaningful personal myths that better serve you in your spiritual development.

The resources on the site are arranged in three main stages: 


Dig deep into your fundamental stories. Follow prompts that will help you ask important questions of the ideas, models, and symbols you’ve assumed which underlie your way of being in the world...


Meaning isn't just something you're born with, or something you inherit.

Once made aware of what's been shaping you, get active in shaping meaning for yourself. Summon your imagination and creativity and start crafting your own personal mythology. 


It doesn't have to be Homer or Blake, just you. Add your unique voice and vision to a growing community of personal myth-makers. Support and encourage others as we all progress on our individual journeys.